Japanese as a Second Language Class


"Kokusai" (International) Class (Age 12 years and up) 

*The school is closed until further notice. Please stay safe!

The Japanese Language School of Cleveland offers kindergarten, elementary, junior high and high school classes to help students maintain their Japanese language skills while attending regular schools in the U.S.  These classes follow the standard curriculum provided in schools in Japan. 

We also offer a "Kokusai class*" for non-Japanese speaking students who are interested in learning Japanese. The classes are divided into two classes: Beginner and Intermediate. You will learn not only speaking, listening, reading and writing in Japanese, but also the Japanese culture through class and school events. We are currently accepting new students.

*These courses are not for credit.   

Student Testimonial:

In the International class,  we learn everything associated with the Japanese language including grammar, writing, reading, speaking, kanji and conversation,  as well as, the culture behind the language.    

Also,  the school follows the Japanese school year so I'm not only learning the language,  but also the culture and traditions by participating in the schools sports festival, fun fair, various Japanese ceremonies and more! I'm experiencing Japanese culture here in the states.  


     Contact Information:
Phone/Text: 216-215-2178 
Email: jlsc@jlscweb.com 

  School Day & Time:

Saturdays : 9:00 - 12:00


Enrollment Fee: $60

Tuition will be collected by the Term.
    For next class: TBA
Updated on 3/31/2020